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West Side School

Room Parent Job Description

General Description:

Room Parents are Communicators!

Room Parents' main roles are

1) to communicate information between their classroom teacher and parents

2) to assist the teach in organization of classroom/school wide events

Classroom Events

  • Classroom celebrations (holidays, birthday acknowledgements, etc.)

  • Field Trips

  • School Events (Harvest Festival, Dia Del Nino, Jog a Thon, Spring Gala, Teacher Appreciation)

  • Volunteer Recruitment

  • Yearbook

  • FEF Bulletins

  • Class gifts (for Teachers/ holiday and end of year gifts/ acknowledgements)

School Events:

  • Harvest Festival/ Halloween

  • Winter Program (musical performances at the Raven)

  • Valentine’s Day

  • 100th Day ( K and 1st)

  • Spirit Fridays (usually occurs one Friday per month/ the theme is chosen by the 6th graders)

  • End of Year Celebration

  • Classroom parties

   (Halloween/Harvest; Winter Holidays; Valentine’s Day; Birthday recognition and any class specific or “earned”         celebrations)​

  • Teacher Appreciation

  • Jogathon

Other Duties/ Requirements:

  • Periodically meet with the Volunteer Liaison in preparation for large events

  • Involve as many parents as possible in class activities and school events

  • Have and utilize a West Side e-mail address specific to their class for all correspondence pertaining to class and school business (to be set up by Joan Clark)

Can a Class Have more than one Room Parent?

Yes!  This can help with delegation of room parent duties!  Sign up now to be a Room Parent!

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